We will donate CHF 5.- for each reservation, made directly through our website to Swisscross – why ?

Swisscross.help is present in Greece, where the victims of the escape are and helps directly, unbureaucratic and very actually. Thus the employees of Swisscross are present personally and every day in supervised camps in Greece, from early morning to late evening  and look after the people in the camps directly.

Information about aid to the refugee’s: www.schwizerchruez.ch

We support the work of Swisscross, because:

  • Swisscross  has no administrative costs,  because it is a privately funded, small and independent organization.  Every donated Swiss franc  is used directly for the refugees in the camps on site in Greece. On account of their structure, the organisation uses non of the money donated for administrative costs, salaries or travel expenses.
  • All employees of Swisscross work as volunteers, receiving no salary. They cover their living costs themselves. For example, costs for  the flight to Greece, the costs  for hotel and food etc.  is paid entirely by the employees themselves.
  • Every donor may specify the purpose of his donation. For example: somebody would like to make a donation especially for medical support, then every donated Swiss Franc  flows into the medical facility. Or somebody wants his money to be used for vegetables and for better quality food, then the amount will be taken for  that purpose.
  • Swisscross is committed to complete transparency. The organisation posts daily with live streams on the ground at the camps  about the activities – this results in absolute transparency, and everyone can see daily, how  Swisscross helps specifically.
  • Swisscross values human dignity above all – this is not negotiable. Swisscross does not deviate from their support due to political reasons, because  this would be to the disadvantage of the refugees and would only aggravate the situation for the people on site.
  • Swisscross effectively builds community. This means that the refugees in the camps are integrated actively in the work.  Teachers  teach  and look after the children in the camp school, seamstresses tailor the clothes in the camp Needlework, carpenters work on the projects with wood (tables, bars etc. from pallets), doctors support the medical care etc.
    This gives employment and jobs to the refugees thus promoting their dignity.  Therefore, Swisscross  does not simply provide  a hand-out of goods but involves the refugees in the camp work to preserve their dignity.

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